Offshore industry

Offshore oil, gas, and renewable energy industries along ocean sides and in open seas across the globe benefit from the features a Defender box offers. Specialized equipment is safe in a lightweight yet robust non-corrosive aluminium box. With exceptional durability, Defender is ready for heavy duty in any type of industrial setting.


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Defender ready for heavy duty in the Offshore industry

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Suitable for a range of applications in offshore environments

The versatility and durability of aluminium boxes combined with their resistance to corrosion make for ideal characteristics in relation to use in the heavy duty environment that the offshore industry is.


Optimum protection

  • For shipping and transport; Defender aluminium boxes are a protective enclosure for valuable resources and delicate equipment destined for international trade. Moreover, due to their lightweight they can contribute to more efficient fuel consumption.
  • For the environment; as a result of their durability aluminium boxes have a longer lifespan and they are 100% recyclable. Both can help mitigate some of the environmental concerns associated with offshore activities.
  • Even for transport of hazardous materials; the Defender KA74 models have received UN approval, so your cargo remains protected without compromise. Defender is such high quality that even several Ministries of Defence trusts our aluminium boxes for their vital operations.

Versatility adapting to the industrial setting

In general, the offshore industry benefits from using aluminium boxes for their applications as they are robust, durable and resistant to extreme cold and heat, dust, water and (heavy) impact. A Defender is ready for both fragile purposes as heavy-duty tasks and it will adapt to the needs of the often harsh environment which is the offshore industry.