Outdoor sports

Engage in mountain climbing, rafting, or go on expedition with a Defender by your side. These aluminium boxes can withstand extreme situations and keep your valuable gear maximally protected at all times. Defender is your ideal travel companion in all climates and environments.

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Defender, your travel companion for outdoor sports

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Ensure your gear is safe and boost your outdoor experience

As an outdoor sports enthusiast you need to have confidence in your specialized gear and material. The characteristics of Defender aluminium boxes makes them well-suited for numerous outdoor activities, so you can rely on the safety of your gear, like climbing gear, fishing tackle and camping essentials.


The unique benefits

  • Weather resistance; whether it’s exposure to moisture or withstanding extreme heat or cold, Defender boxes help you to protect valuable gear from exposure to the elements. Moreover, they are antimagnetic and resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Lightweight; carrying gear over long distances is not a problem with lightweight aluminium boxes, combined with ergonomic handles. This allows you to transport your valuables on your adventure, without adding unnecessary bulk and facilitating easy transportation.
  • Protect & secure; your contents are shielded from potential damage thanks to the sturdiness of an aluminium box. Additionally, Defenders are equipped with toggle locks to safeguard your belongings.


Reap the benefits of physical activity and connect with nature

Because you can rest assured your equipment and gear is safe during outdoor adventures like camping, a hike, a cycling trip or a kayaking expedition with a Defender aluminium box. It is your valuable companion while pursuing the thrill of outdoor sports, because it ensures your belongings are protected from the risk of damage while you’re on the move.