Defender KA44

This is the entry model of the full Defender series; the perfect balance between affordability and quality. The KA44 is a cost-effective solution and can be used very effectively if the demands on the box or the application are not too high.

The aluminium parts of this model are spot-welded together and it doesn’t have stackable corners. Instead, the KA44’s stackability utilizes the strength of aluminium profiles. Each box seamlessly nestles onto the one below, creating a solid stack and eliminating the need for costly extra corners.

With 5 readily available sizes, the KA44 offers versatility and can be aligned to meet your demands.


Reliable, rugged Defenders

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Reliable, rugged Defenders


Nylon straps

To prevent the lid from opening backwards.


Comfortable handles

Stable aluminium handles with a loading capacity of 50kg/handle.


Toggle locks

Made from either aluminum or stainless steel to ensure the security of your cargo.


(Piano) hinges

Piano hinges crafted from stainless steel for superior strength and long-lasting durability.

Item number Internal size (mm) External size (mm) Product weight (kg)
DEF-KA44-016 360 x 260 x 320 mm 380 x 280 x 350 mm 2,5 kg / 30L
DEF-KA44-017 550 x 350 x 240 mm 570 x 370 x 270 mm 3,5kg / 46L
DEF-KA44-018 560 x 360 x 350 mm 580 x 380 x 380 mm 4,2 kg / 70L
DEF-KA44-019 750 x 350 x 350 mm 770 x 370 x 380 mm 4,8 kg / 92L
DEF-KA44-020 870 x 460 x 350 mm 890 x 480 x 380 mm 6,1 kg / 140L

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