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Introducing impact-resistant, lightweight and stylish high quality aluminium boxes to meet the most challenging demands. Our collection of Defenders are engineered to safeguard any type of equipment or gear, no matter the scenario. From mountainous terrains to sweltering deserts and in extreme heat or cold: if conditions are tough, rely on your Defender!


What is your challenge?

Built to last

When circumstances are getting rough you can always rely on your Defender. It can withstand the most extreme situations and they are the best choice when you have the highest demands when it comes to protecting your valuable or fragile load during transport or storage.

Meets every challenge

Defender is the answer to any logistic demands. It is made for heavy duty applications and therefore the perfect solution for anyone who requires maximum protection of their valuable, vulnerable or dangerous products. A Defender is a travel companion you can trust!

Best value for money

A sturdy, lightweight and strong construction box; excellent quality at a competitive price. With 26 different Defenders in stock, we have the model that suits you best.

What is your challenge?

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    Defender aluminium boxes are the perfect combination of shape and functionality

    Diverse industries and applications benefit from the impressive performance of aluminium boxes. The combination of durability and versatility has made them an integral part of various sectors. Aluminium is a non-corrosive and lightweight yet robust material making them ideal for a wide range of applications in different industries.


    The key advantages

    • Sustainability; aluminium is 100% recyclable material which is in line with current pressing environmental concerns and it supports towards achieving a circular economy.
    • Versatility; at Defender, we offer a wide range of sizes to accommodate diverse applications for storing, packaging and transport. Their lightweight makes them easy to use, while providing roust protection you can rely on.
    • Durability; aluminium boxes are built to last. It is a material resistant to rust and corrosion which ensures they can withstand challenging environments. The sturdiness makes them an ideal solution for outdoor sports, offshore industries and humanitarian aid applications, among others.


    The perfect allrounder

    Defender aluminium boxes are not limited to Outdoor, Offshore and Humanitarian aid purposes. They find applications in a manifold of applications in various industries. You can think of automotive for transport and to protect components. In the food industry they are preferred for their adaptability to hygiene standards and the easiness to clean, but also because Defenders are resistant to temperature fluctuations. Medical, electronics and aerospace industries can rely on robust and durable aluminium boxes too, for safeguarding their sensitive instruments during storage and transport.

    In summary, aluminium boxes are a favoured solution for varying industries as a result of their sustainability, versatility and durability. Either for safe transportation, reliable packaging, or heavy duty applications, aluminium boxes play a crucial role in storing and protection of valuable equipment, instruments, tools, gear and other products.